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The High Cost of a Low Price

Do you seriously believe these self-publishing shops are capable of giving you a straight price for printing your book?  Do you really believe that someone will really produce a quality book for $100? Or less? What does the $100-book look like?

We can tell you because we receive letters from their disappointed customers. The books they purchased were not at all what they were led to believe. The problems varied between having bad or thin paper stock, printing that went against the grain of the paper making it difficult to open, much less read, unscored covers that would curl up and never lie flat and predesigned covers that offered only a change in title and author’s name. These covers were never custom designed for the subject of the book. Promises made but never kept.

We have been printing books for self-publishers for more than twenty-nine years and we can tell you there are no short cuts. There are no easy answers. You pay for what you get and you get the book you have paid for—nothing more, nothing less.

We will not produce a book unless we feel it is salable, suitable, and sensible.  No, we cannot sell your book. No, we don’t even know if you can sell one copy. But we can help you promote and publicize it.

The success of what we do lies in your ability to aggressively promote yourself and your book. Frankly, we cannot understand why anyone would want a Print-on-demand book.

If you cannot sell a minimum of 50 to 100 books in your local community, or through other sources, then the book is not worth publishing unless you want to merely give it away to friends and relatives.  If it is nonfiction, we can line up radio interviews. If it is a fiction, then we would try to obtain book reviews or direct interviews with your local newspaper.

There is always a place for good fiction. But what is good fiction? Is it in the eye of the beholder?  Sometimes we will rely on niche publicity, suitable for the audience you want to reach or should reach. Sometimes, it may be a small feature in a woman’s magazine. Sometimes we can make inroads by using a trade journal. Sometimes, it may actually be small space ads that are already included your price. There are other situations we might line up for you. These may require you to attend a special event or dinner where you can talk about your book and answer all those questions people usually have.

There are many ways of promoting and publicizing your book. Obtaining radio interviews on your local radio station, station, offering to talk to an association that is related directly or indirectly related to your book, and having your local newspaper interview you are three ways you can help yourself and sell your book. A fourth way would be to arrange to talk to potential buyers of your book at your local bookstore or library. Always be highly aggressive in promoting your book, talking it up, and letting friends be aware.

Should this occur, take our advice and participate. Most self-published authors tend to shy away from publicity. But this is always counterproductive. If you are a self-published author, you need to become a genuine extrovert and talk about your book and yourself. Participating in local or national events will help you discover a network of potential buyers as well as a modicum of success in selling your book. And remember this: the trick to selling your book is to sell yourself. Let us put it differently: sell yourself and you will sell your book.

If you have a memoir, you must be able to talk about yourself freely, and answer callers' questions when being interviewed on radio. Or at a bookstore.  

If you want to know more about us and want direct answers to what it will take to successfully produce your book, visit our web site.


Then send your manuscript to us for a free critique. It is free. No cost or obligation. Use it.  If we don’t think it’s suitable, we will tell you. If it is worthwhile, we will tell you how we can help. We certainly don’t have all the answers, but who does? We have found that between the two of us, we can deliver a product that you will be proud to own and confident in selling.

Send us your manuscript by email for a free critique.
No cost or obligation.

Visit us and find out what our team can do for you.

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