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Professional Press designed, printed and publicized these books.


Manuscript Critique
Offered without charge. This permits you to have a professional eye review your material. Our critiques are not designed to criticize, but to show you, if necessary, a constructive way to improve what you have written.

One of the most overlooked but critical parts of developing a book is to have a good editor review it and offer possible ways to improve the finished product.

For a limited time, we will edit your book without cost. Every author needs an editor and we believe you should at least have that cushion. An objective third person can help you eliminate minor errors in grammar, spelling, paragraph transitions and the complete story line whether it be a memoir, novel, or non-fiction

Key elements are the page design, the font, and the size of the type as well as the development of headers and folios that give your book an extra-special look. We design several suitable page designs for your book and show them to you for selection. Only when you select the one you prefer do we continue to typeset the entire book in that style.

Cover and Dust Jacket Design
A suitable and eye-catching cover is key to piqueing the interest of your potential buyers. Many customers form opinions about the book within seconds based on the cover alone. We design covers that give you a chance to tell your story.

Hard Cover
We show you the swatch book of available colors of cloth and embossing of the cloths available. You make the final choice.
Most of our books are smythe sewn for permanent life. Head and footbands along with matching endsheets are always included.

Soft Cover
All our books are film laminated to retain durability in all types of weather or conditions. They are all scored to make it easier to open and close.

We have 38-inch Miller offset and the new digital presses. The press we use for your book depends on the quantity and precision of the work to be printed. Our Hantscho web offset offers maximum competitiveness for runs of 3,000 or more.

To recieve a free quote on how we can help you produce and sell your book contact us today!