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Take advantage of the following services to make your book sell.

Marketing Plans

you need a marketing plan to help you promote, publicize and market your book.

Talk Radio Interviews

We'll get you radio interviews to help sell your book.

Your Own Website

Establish a internet presence to reach an unlimited audience.


The Three Golden Rules

Rule #1: Have a workable marketing plan to promote and sell your book.
The operational word here is workable. Self-publishers have numerous marketing obstacles. They do not have large advertising budgets. They do not have contacts with major newspapers and magazines—contacts that have been nurtured through the years. They do not have publicists able to obtain five minutes of exposure on network or local television. They do not have a nationwide sales force. They do not have a wide range of titles.

Rule #2: Put the Marketing Plan into action before the book is printed.
To the novice, this may seem like putting the cart before the horse. To the professional, the reverse is true. Covers are prepared in advance for photographs, even simulated in dimension and appearance if necessary. Photos are useful in local or national publicity, as well as in direct mail. Without photographs, pre-promotions are virtually meaningless.

Rule #3: Order a minimum quantity on the first printing.
Even the most astute publisher has been known to make errors of judgment in the first book printing. Result: oversupply, lowered sale price, loss of potential profits.

Here are some other ways to make sure to mazimize book sales

  • Always have a toll-free 800 number people can call to order your book.
  • Always have the ability to take major credit card orders by phone.
  • Mailers to the trade should always have your stated retail price, retail structure, terms including return charges, shipping costs (if not included) and a full description of the book.
  • Publicity releases should always effectively describe the book contents and offer a brief biography of the author.
  • Self-mailers should be readable, attractive, and offer other services to the bookstore, including book signings.
  • Mailing lists should be detailed and accurate, stating the name of the individual, as necessary, or the person's title. Follow-up telephone call always prove practical.
  • The front and back cover of your book can be an excellent Point-of-Purchase display.
  • Accept the fact it will take one to three years to sell your first edition unless you are remarkably good or lucky.
  • As a rule of thumb, the cost of promotion should roughly equal two to three times the cost of producing your book, depending on the initial quantity. The promotion cost would be extended over a far greater time period of course.

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