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We have several Promotional and Marketing Plans to help you sell your book.

Here are just a few:

Marketing Plan No 1 - Offers the acquisition of copyright, ISBN Number and ISBN Bar code for outside back cover and Library of Congress Number.

Marketing Plan No 2 - All of Marketing Plan 1 PLUS developing a 10 Point-of-Purchase easel-backed displays to fit on counters; 500 two-fold two-color mailer and order forms to hand out or mail out to specific prospects; 100 additional covers, flat and trimmed and printed on one side to help you sell your book.

Marketing Plan No 3 - All of Marketing Plan No 1 and 2 plus a listing in BOOKS IN PRINT, the R.R. Bowker directory which goes out to more than 14,000 bookstores, an ad in our trade magazine that is sent to the top independent bookstores and all the major chains, publicity release and book reviews sent to selected individuals at suitable magazines. We contact the reviewer before sending an advance copy to them.

Marketing Plan No 4 - All of Marketing Plans No 1, 2 and 3 plus a guarantee of six radio interviews throughout the continental United States with talk show hosts who will discuss your book. Be ready to answer caller questions; an ad in our Talk Radio/Talk TV magazine sent to 2,500 of the top talk show hosts throughout the country.

Marketing Plan No 5 - All of Marketing Plans Numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 plus advertisements in suitable magazines and/or newspapers, surrogate contact with independent bookstores in your area that will carry and help to promote your book, use of special premiums when suitable to promote your book and its title, including banners, bumper stickers, screened coffee or soup cups, and paraphernalia designed to help you gain more exposure for you and your book's title.

These books have all been designed, printed, publicized, promoted and featured to help the author sell and market his book.