Treasure Your Family Photographs In Beautiful Cloth Bound Hard Cover Books.

Add Your Genealogy Family Branches

Just give us the general information and we will place them in attractive family branches like the sample below. No family branch is perfect. You will always have missing names or dates, and other omissions. Nevertheless, what you will have is a reasonably accurate and permanent record of your family history with its multitude of branches.

This is one way you can provide a family history to your family and your loved ones forever. As the years pass, it will always be a living testament to your children and your children's children.

Family branches can be arranged on separate pages at the beginning or end of your family photo album. Photos and family branches are sent to you in page proof form for final approval.

We'll Help You Write a General Family History

Our editors are experienced writers who can take basic facts and mold them into an interesting family story. BOND BOOKS can furnish you with specific questionnaire sheets to help you prepare a general outline of your family, complete with all the dates of marriages, deaths, confirmations, and other important events in your life and in the lives of your family members.

No copy is ever published in your family history book without your full written consent. Sometimes, our editors may request additional information. All the material is sent to you for final approval before printing.

Your hard cover cloth bound book is gold or silver foil stamped on the cover and spine. A variety of designs is available for your selection.

All books are either smyth or cleat sewn for durability, attractiveness and permanence. The pages are printed on acid-free 7 on acid-free 70 lb natural opaque paper. Each book has headbands and footbands, and an 80 lb. matching endsheet. Cover cloths are available in a wide selection of colors.


Permanent * Attractive * Compact

You'll never lose another family photograph!

BOND BOOKS offers a wide selection of family photo albums in book form. Here are some of the reasons why selecting BOND BOOKS can help you maintain a family heirloom you will always treasure.

  • All photographs have typeset captions so you never have to wonder about the names of the people in the photograph.
  • A brief family history can be prepared from a questionnaire form we send you for information. We do the writing. You approve or change what you want.
  • The number of photographs and family branches is entirely up to you. Although all prices are based on one photo per page, we can place four or more photographs on a page. Your photos will never fade.
  • All work is produced through a written contract between BOND BOOKS and you.

Please send in your manuscript and list the number of photos you have. Do not send any photos yet. You will promptly receive a written itemized contract with the total cost. Although the general cost can be ascertained by looking at the enclosed price list, other factors may add to the overall total. This could include family branches, preparation of the general family history or other specialized material.

Put Your Family Photos In a Book You Can Always Treasure

The prices below are based on a trim size of 81/2" x 11" cloth bound hard cover book. These prices include one photograph per page. Add $10 for each additional photograph you want to place on a specific page. It also includes any captions you want for each photograph.

Please remember that there is a maximum number of photographs you can place on any page, based on the nature of the photograph, the number of individuals in each photo, and the appropriate size to have a legible reproduction. We can create black-and-white negatives from color photographs. All these prices are based on using one color text, with a cloth bound gold foil stamped cover and spine. cover and spine.

Fairhaven pic

Shown: Lester and Agatha Fairhaven.
Each has a family lineage dating back to the Revolutionary War.

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Approximate Total Cost -- Includes All Caption Typesetting