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Lt. Col. William H. Blanton enlisted in the US Army Air Corps in 1943 and served almost twenty-three years until his retirement from the US Air Force. He flew more than 485 combat missions during the Korean War and has earned numerous decorations for valor in combat. These include a Presidential Unit Citation, the Korean Service Medal, the United Nations Service Medal and innumerable Battle Stars. He is presently retired but works diligently as a Sunday School teacher of the ET Parham class of the First Baptist Church in Cary, North Carolina.

Underwater Exploration

George Tsegeletos was raised in the San Francisco Bay area and began his SCUBA diving in 1954, organizing several clubs. Practice invariably occurred every Sunday afternoon and the underwater experience became a second home to Mr. Tsegeletos. He eventually learned how to film underwater and has written extensively of his experiences with sharks, thorny oysters, and blue crabs. With his handy spearfish gun, Mr. Tsegeletos has put his curiosity and bravery to use innumerable times. Still diving to this day, he has been in waters that have been considered extremely treacherous, battling killer fish, manta rays, and an array of underwater "monsters." His talk will hold you absolutely spellbound.


Rob McCarter is the founder of Life Enhancements, a consulting firm in Belmont, North Carolina. His humor, deep knowledge of success principles, and his success as a business trainer with management personnel have made him one of the most popular motivational speakers in the nation. As author of numerous articles on business success and "personal" success, Mr. McCarter has helped thousands of people learn the essential life skills while simultaneously challenging them to maximize their potential.

Drama and the Arts

Dr. Floyd Sandle has achieved an academic and professional stature in the performing arts that is truly the envy of his peers. An intense, dedicated and focused individual, Dr. Sandle almost single-handedly organized a grassroots drama department at what is now Grambling State University. This department, begun on a shoestring budget, was eventually embraced by the entire Southern Association of Dramatic Speech Arts (SADSA) as well as the National Association of Dramatic and Speech Arts (NADSA). He has spoken to drama clubs and departments in many universities as well as traveled extensively with an array of students performing traditional plays throughout the world.

Family Issues

Dr. Don Doyle is the director of the Doyle Family Counseling Center. His organization is directly responsible for helping families to adjust to the numerous changes in our society from the sudden death of a family member to families with difficult children. Dr. Doyle understands that change in our society will be an endless, ongoing fact of life. But how we manage these changes, and abrupt problems that ensue, will mark the difference between our being successful or failing.


Col. William A. Costabile spent 30 years in the US Army, specializing in ordinance. He worked at bases in India and the Canal Zone as well as several facilities in the United States including four years at the Pentagon. During the Vietnam War, he was project manager for Bombs and Explosives. He received the Distinguished Service medal and was inducted into the Ordinance Hall of Fame. Colonel Costabile asserts the nation is under a serious hazard by reducing the amount of ammunition storage capacity. He believes we are being foolhardy and myopic. Colonel Costabile has an important message to deliver to all Americans.

International Intrigue

Shmuel Shoshani has enjoyed a remarkable career laced with danger, intrigue and a persistent passion for art and writing. Shoshani has been an author, teacher, banker, lecturer, and soldier. Born in Jerusalem and emigrated to Iran, Shoshani was a member of the Hagganah, the main Jewish Defense Force in what was then known as Palestine. In World War II, he offered his services to the British Royal Air Force and was honorably discharged in the mid-1960s. He was eventually sent to Teheran to assist in immigration and education and was fortunate to leave Iran in 1976. Today, Shoshani is an American citizen with a successful business. His main expertise is the Baal-Koreh, the precise reading of and interpretation of the Torah.


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