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Professional Press designed, printed and publicized these books.

Q & A

Q: What financial obligations do I assume when I submit my manuscript?
A: None. We provide an estimated cost for whatever service you require. This may be simply printing your book, or may involve editing and proofreading.

Q: How much will it cost to have my book published?
A: See our price list. There are no hidden costs because we are not vanity or subsidy publishers.

Q: Do you ever reject manuscripts?
A: Yes. We will not print any book we consider to be defamatory, libelous or licentious.

Q: Who pays for the sales promotion and advertising of my book?
A: You do. We will assist you in the preparation of mailing pieces and publicity.

Q: What price should I charge for my book?
A: Competition, book length, subject matter, timeliness, and the demographics of your market will determine the retail price. It can vary from two to six times cost.

Q: What is the difference between editing and proofreading?
A: Editing requires the permission of the author to have another accomplished writer juxtapose paragraphs, phrases, and words as well as the authority to add or delete in order to give the author's work more impact, focus, logic and saleability. Editing requires a complete understanding of the author's intent. Proofreading corrects grammatical or typographical errors.

Book Production Procedure

The production of an attractive book can take as long as 90 days. At our facilities in Chapel Hill, we have everything needed to provide quality service in preparation and completion. There are no standard rules, but here is a typical production procedure:

  1. Submit manuscript or floppy disks with printout along with any rough sketch you may have for the cover.

    We typeset sample pages in a style most suitable to your needs. It is sent to you along with our contract.

    Upon your approval, Professional Press typesetters, artists, editors and proofreaders begin work.

    Page proofs and cover design are sent to you for approval. If necessary, a rough penciled sketch of an illustration for the cover may be included.

    Upon return of the typeset material and sketch, we proceed to complete cover design, output final typeset pages, and prepare a blueline.

    A blueline is a proof of the negatives in position, prior to burning plates for printing. It gives you an opportunity to make last-minute changes.

    Upon approval of blueline, books are printed, and sample copies are sent to you. At this time, the balance of the books are cartoned and skidded for shipment.

  2. Upon receipt of final payment, books are shipped by motor freight to you or a warehouse you select.

We Can Help You Obtain Book Protection
Guard against plagiarism or any unauthorized use of your published material.

1. Book Copyright
Almost any published book should have the date of copyright. We can obtain this for you from the Register of Copyrights. Our fee: $95.00.

2. Library of Congress Number
The Library of Congress provides a documented registration number to any book that is going to be published. This number affords a greater level of credibility to your book—fiction or nonfiction. Our fee: $95.00.

3. The ISBN Number
ISBN is the acronym for International Standard Book Number. It usually appears as a bar code on the outside back cover as well as on the page with the copyright and Library of Congress number. This number is virtually mandatory in helping book wholesalers, retailers, and libraries order your book. Our fee: $95.00, including the bar code.

Total for all three protections: $200.00

Subsidy Publishing Versus Book Publishing
We are primarily book printers, not subsidy publishers. There is a world of difference between the two. A subsidy publisher will usually require an author to invest a substantial sum for the promotion of a book. This sum may be larger than the total required for the printing of the book itself. Unlike subsidy publishers, we itemize everything we do in advance. You pay only for what we do, not what we promise. In addition to the printing of your book, this may include mailings and displays. Consider these aspects of self-publishing when making your selection of a printer for your book.